Emmanuel COME
Customer Service Manager & Operations
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Nos activités

Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, Ltd. (MOL) has the world’s largest ocean shipping fleet. Backed by experience and technologies developed over 130 years, MOL moves today’s global economy. MOL operates specialized bulk carriers for iron ore, coal, and woodchips; tankers that transport crude oil and LNG; car carriers; cruise ships; ferries and coastal liners; and containerships that deliver a variety of finished products as part of the largest and most diverse global network of liner and logistics services. MOL Liner Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of MOL. The company transports a wide variety of cargoes in international standard containers. The MOL Liner containerships also cover a global network of routes.

MOL Group Corporate Principles

As a multi-modal transport group, we will:

  • actively contribute to global economic growth and development, anticipating the needs of our customers and the challenges of this new era
  • strive to maximize corporate value through creativity, operating efficiency and promotion of ethical and transparent management
  • nurture and protect the natural environment by maintaining the highest standards of operational safety and navigation