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Nos activités

Hamburg Süd is a future-driven company with a long tradition. Not just in relation to our successful business activity in marine transport, but also in respect of the responsibility associated with it – one we exercise gladly and conscientiously. We feel especially responsible for our staff. Equally, we have made it our principle to act responsibly towards our customers, partners and suppliers at all times. In this environment, openness, tolerance and respect enjoy the highest priority.

As a premium logistics service provider, we do everything in our power to implement our customers’ specifications as quickly and smoothly as possible. In doing so, our competent and motivated staff around the globe pursue a shared objective: to find the right transport solution to ensure that your cargo arrives at the desired destination safely and on schedule. And they can draw on cutting-edge equipment and the efficient networking of all information systems in the process. Only in this way are we able to set standards in service quality and added value, and maintain or achieve the goal we have set ourselves – leadership in the markets relevant to the shipping group.

Given the fact that transporting goods always impacts the environment, the conscientious handling of natural resources and responsible, sustainable action are an indispensable component of each entrepreneurial activity at the Hamburg Süd Group. We are, for instance, a member of the Clean Cargo Working Group ( CCWG ), which champions greater sustainability in the international transport business.